ATM Machine using RFID and GSM



We are using C program to control the hardware. Keil Compiler is used for compiling the code and progisp with usb programmer is used to burn the program in the microcontroller’s ROM memory. The C program and its hex file are available for download

Functions used in program:

Delay() – This function used to generate a delay of required time.
Lcdcmd() – Used for sending command to LCD.
Lcddata() – Used for sending DATA to LCD.
Lcd_num() – Used for Display numbers on LCD.
Lcdstring() – Used for Display string on LCD.
Lcd_init() – Initialize the LCD for displaying content.
Uart_init() – Initialize serial communication with peripheral devices.
Rxdata() – Receives data from RFID reader and stores in a variable.
Keypad() – Reads the data entered from Keypad.
Accept() – If correct PIN entered it shows authentication.
Wrong() – It displays if wrong PIN entered.
My_atoi() – ASCII to integer function used for convert string to integer.
Main() – It contents the whole program.

Construction and testing

By following the circuit diagram shown above we can design PCB using Proteus software else we can design the circuit using dotted board also. Assembling circuits on PCB minimizes the time and error.

Firstly, you must connect all the components according to circuit diagram provided.

16×2 LCD:

connect 8 data pins of LCD with P2 of 89s52 microcontroller D0 with P2.0 and so on. RS, RW & EN connect with P1^0, P1^1 & P1^2 respectively. Pin no 1& 16 of LCD connect with ground and Pin no. 2&15 connect with 5v supply. Pin 3 will be connected with a variable resistor for adjusting brightness. circuit diagram of LCD and 8051 MC connection is shown below.

4×3 matrix Keypad:

A matrix keypad has 7 pins. 4 pins for 4 rows and 3 pins for 3 columns.4 rows are connected to P0^0 to P0^3 and 3 columns are connected with P0^4 to P0^6 of MC.

SIM900 GSM Module:

GSM module have 3 pins named Tx, Rx and GND available on the module. We connect Tx pin of GSM to Rx pin(P3^0) of MC and Rx pin of GSM with Tx pin(P3^1) of MC. We also must put a SIM inside the microcontroller with balance or SMS pack. Check the network LED on module and if network available then modem is now ready.

EM18 RFID Reader & Tag:

Only Tx pin of reader will be connected to Rx pin of MC. Any RFID tag can be used but we must know its ID so that we can enter it to the program and assign a pin to it.

SW1, SW2 AND Buzzer:

SW1 used for check the available balance and SW2 used for withdraw amount from the card. SW1 & SW2 are connected to P3^6 & P3^7 respectively. Buzzer is connected to P3^5 to alert unauthorized access.

Download source folder