Wednesday, November 29, 2023

DUA: A Wish for Your Safety

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During the test performed, a diverse set of obstacles was setup so that varied shaped and sized obstacles could be dealt with. Care was taken to include knee-level obstacles, sideways obstacles and head-level obstacles.


The team claims that consensually conducted controlled trials have shown that the DUA device is able to detect obstacles with 95.4% accuracy in the test-setup and the DUA glasses show detection of sideways obstacles with an accuracy of 100%. “The DUA, when mass produced can permeate the masses because of its low-cost and user-friendliness. It can prove to be a life-line for its users”, emphasise Dr. Harmeet Kaur and Dr. Baljeet Kaur, mentors of the DUA team.

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DUA continues…

The Device for the Uniquely Abled is being improved continually. It currently detects obstacles at an average distance of 1.239 meter. Improvement is being carried out to fine tune its working in extreme traffic. Further, detection of the staircase is also an area that needs more attention and work. Hopefully, the on-going efforts of team DUA would prove to change the lives of many.

Team members: Abhishek Gupta, Avinash Prasad, Ginnisha Karira, Pratik Dinesh Moon, Mansi Agrawal, Mukesh, Shaurya Sahai, Shubham Kumar, Uttam Verma and Vishal Pandey.

Authors: Ms. Shaurya Sahai (Student, Hans Raj College; member, team DUA), and Dr. Harmeet Kaur and Dr. Baljeet Kaur, Faculty, Department of CS, Hans Raj College, Delhi University.

Acknowledgement: The DUA team is grateful to the Research Council, University of Delhi, for financial support to conduct the research.


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