What lies ahead
The EMO is also a business platform that provides incentives to drivers to reduce their vehicle emissions. For example, Logica EMO can be used by governments to provide differential fuel pricing. Differential fuel pricing is a unique concept that helps promote eco-friendly driving by passing the incentive of reduced emissions to drivers through lower fuel prices. Data from the EMO device can be transferred to readers at a petrol pump, which can then be used to calculate the price of fuel in real time based on the carbon footprint of the vehicle.

Governments, through progressive policy making, can introduce laws to charge a lower fuel tax for vehicles with lower carbon footprint, thus providing a monetary incentive to drivers to improve their driving habits. The same concept can also be extended to other types of taxes such as toll tax and road tax and parking fees.

Sanjoy adds, “We are working on bringing in new features such as remote vehicle tracking, theft tracking and geofencing. Geofencing is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area.”

The author is a tech correspondent at EFY Bengaluru


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