Low-Cost, Fail-proof Root Canal Machine

A dentistry student has designed a machine that achieves three-dimensional obturation of the root canal, guaranteeing prevention from re-infection. The device costs just Rs 1000 compared to other devices costing Rs 100,000-125,000 -- JALAJA RAMANUNNI


The cost of creating the final prototype was about Rs 1000, but this is not the final estimate for a fully manufactured product.

The prototype has been used for over a hundred extracted tooth samples without any hardware maintenance. Jain says that it is basically a question of proper maintenance by the operator for ensuring its optimal lifespan.

Jain has won many awards for his device at national conferences like MIT’s TR35, AVISHKAR inter-university state-level research festival, Indian Dental Conference (IDC) and Scientific Rendezvous. He also represented India at Dentsply Student Clinician Programme of America Dental Association (ADA) in Florida, USA.

What lies ahead

Jain is improvising on his device to maximise its productivity and make it more compact and convenient for clinical use. He reveals, “I am working on adding injectible Gutta percha carrier system to the device for clinical use. I am also trying to replace the thermal property achieved by resistance-based system with a faster induction-based system. I am looking for proper funds and resources for the same.”

Jain is conducting lab and clinical studies on the prototype and looking for companies that will sell his device.

“Since the production cost of Magik is very low, its market price will be much lower than already available products. This will result in a lower cost for root-canal treatment too,” Jain concludes.

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The author is from EFY Bureau, Bengaluru


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