How Can IoT, Smart Farming Actually Help Our Farmers?

"Technology (IoT, ICT, AI) based solutions stand to revolutionize the way we farm; the impact of data driven farming on the farmer is one that transcends generations.” - Krishna Kumar, CEO of CropIn Technologies


There are other farmer-usefulness aspects here

Apart from SmartFarm, CropIn has also come out with a farmer profiling smart system and pilot rating and risk index; this system has been deployed on systems of various Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) firms; using ‘alternate data’.

This system enables farmers to enhance their credit scores whilst offering alternate data to banks and governmental organisations to enable these offer loans to farmers along with crop insurances.

Similar to the above, we have also covered another Agro-IoT deployment that helps in effective farmer profiling along with barn monitoring in Tobacco Curing Barns. This system is a smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System.



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