Variable charging rates. The device has a mechanical toggle switch that lets you select between two modes of charging. In standard mode, the phone is charged efficiently with 0.55A current. In other words, all of Powercard’s power is utilised to charge the phone.

In fast-charging mode, the phone is charged faster but less efficiently with 1A current. Battery of the phone lasts for two hours when charged in fast mode and for three hours when charged in standard mode. These numbers may vary with capacity of the battery, number of apps installed on the phone and usage of the phone. The variable charging rate was obtained by altering the feedback loop of the integrated circuit (IC) used in the circuitry.

Power management and device protection. How many times have you plugged in your phone to a power bank but forgotten to turn it on? With smart power management, you do not need to remember to turn on and off the card each time, as it automatically detects the phone and starts or stops charging.

It also has inbuilt circuitry to protect the phone as well as its own battery from over-charge. This is achieved with charge-termination functionality of the IC used on the board, allowing the turning off of charge once the device is completely-charged.

Connectors and flash drive
There are two models of XS Powercard depending on the type of phone connector offered: lightning (for iOS devices) and micro-USB (for most Android, Blackberry and Window based devices).

Then, there is a USB connector that allows you to connect the power card to the power source. This connector is reinforced with low-profile metal tips, making it ideal for robust, daily usage. The rate at which XS Powercard charges itself depends on the type of power source it is connected to—whether USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 (of a laptop or computer) or AC wall socket (using a standard USB adaptor).

You could also choose between 8GB, 16GB and 32GB of removable storage. This flash drive can be detached from the card and plugged into any standard USB port, enabling easy data storage and transfer.

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Similar products in market
Developers claim that this is the only product in the Indian market that clubs a power bank, cables, data-storage device, and data transfer and sync options on a single device that fits inside the credit-card slot of a wallet. Compared to other portable chargers like LithiumCard, mophie powerstation reserve and JUMP Cable, XS Powercard has more battery capacity (2200mAh), multiple charging rates (fast and standard) and even a data-storage device.

Moreover, all the important features of XS Powercard such as smart power management, single-port smart charging and priority charging, three coloured LEDs and three modes of working are not available in any other device in the market.

Anagha P. is a technical correspondent at EFY


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