Technical Specifications
– Power supply-Single Phase,220V,50Hz
– Maximum Electrical Load-3KW
– Rated Current-13Amps
– Average Cooling Capacity-5KW
– Weight:-110Kg

Sorin along with his team had come across a number of barriers while developing this system. He says,”We faced numerous challenges. We tried three different approaches at solving the unreliable grid problem before we finally settled on the thermal battery concept. One of our approaches used solar power, but we discovered that solar power was too expensive and too difficult to install and our customers could not justify it. I would say that the final product is a result of many failures. But we learned valuable lessons from each failure and this is how we arrived at the final system configuration.”

– Rapid milk cooling from 35° to 4°C
– Cold Storage Backup
– Flexibility & Modularity
– Simple Design
– Cools up to 1000L of milk per day

Future Plans
The work on this product was started in 2007 and now in 2013 it is at the production stage. Sorin says, ” It is a finished product and we are delivering it to dairies right now. We plan to add new features and incorporate customer’s suggestions along the way. This is an evolving product.”

This can help the dairy business grow in rural areas and in areas where frequent power cut is a major issue, at a conveniently lower cost with a fast pace.

Pricing and Availability
The price of the chiller is around Rs 5,00,000 depending upon the options chosen.


  1. This is indeed a good innovation but not economical viable for a dairy farm use. This is a total waste of money . Please go through this article why.
    If you look into the financial aspect of putting such a huge money for this equipment. A good quality bulk milk cooler of a branded company cost 2 lakh & here you are paying 6 lakh for the same capacity of machine. U are paying 4 lakh extra.
    Bulk cooling machine takes 2.5 hours max to chill the milk,so you chill the milk 2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 morning in the evening . In real condition you have 50% power availability. each day you run you generator for 2.5 hours & u need 2.5 liter diesel , that consume 1 liter /hr diesel @6o / liter so in months your expense comes =2.5*60*30= 4500 & you need to have generator at dairy farm for yr emergency back up so this is not extra expense.
    if you invest this 4 lakh money in cow , you will get 7 cow @60000 each . if you make min 4000 /cow/month you are making 28000 a month .
    So thing if you really need this machine, be smart and invest money wisely but not in this machine.
    On top of the that while generator is on you can make use the same time for milking the cow with milking machine as well others works at dairy farm as per your need.
    SO if you are buying this machine, this is a total waste of money .


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