TouchMagix Brings Alive Any Surface!

TouchMagix is a combination of hardware and software that makes any projection surface, be it a wall or floor, or even an LCD screen, react to your touch and body gestures -- VANISHA JOSEPH


Large content suite and cost-effective. Further, TouchMagix offers a rich content development package, which includes a creative platform with loads of pre-designed templates along with source code available for customisation, a downloadable open software development kit (SDK) for quick start of content development and their own customisation services.

“The easy-to-use creative platform which requires just graphics and content knowledge is available free of cost. The open SDK allows developers to get coordinate feeds, etc, helping them develop applications from scratch. Lastly, we offer customisation services that cost between Rs 10,000 and Rs 100,000 depending on the complexity of customisation,” says Tapadia.

TouchMagix also claims to be cost-effective compared to competing products. “Its cost ranges from Rs 300,000 for a basic system to Rs 600,000 for a full-fledged system. Competing products cost way above that,” says Tapadia.

The perfect advertising medium. TouchMagix comes with features like a remote scheduler and Web analytics that make it a perfect advertising medium. “The remote scheduler allows one to schedule content remotely and keep track of it. So as a brand you get the freedom to decide the exact time and the number of times the ad should appear. Further, it has analytics like people counting tool that provides data on the number of interactions with the surface and the average time spent by each person interacting with the surface,” says Tapadia.

Roadmap ahead!
Looking ahead, Tapadia and his team hope to add advanced motion and touch modules to their existing system. “We recently launched the clap-sensing module built for consumer engagement games. We shall soon be adding mobile interfaces wherein one can connect to the interactive system via the mobile. We shall keep adding motion and touch modules,” informs Tapadia.

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The author is a business correspondent at EFY Bengaluru


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