Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Vehicle Networking – the Capacity to Cope?

By Simon Holt, Mouser Electronics

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Molex has a wide range of multi-gigabit Ethernet-based products that allow smooth, safe and secure data transmission within the vehicle and out to the cloud. Based upon these devices 10Gbps Ethernet systems have been developed that offer V2V/V2I connectivity that can simultaneously support all of the vehicle sensor data and streaming 4k video content to the infotainment system. At the heart of these systems are Molex’s legacy protocol compatible Ethernet gateways and media modules connected via IP67/IP69K-rated, EMI-protected connectors and cables.

As vehicles become more connected, so they are more ‘open’ to attacks with multiple entry points being added. Molex uses security algorithms based upon the Blackberry QNX suite to provide protection based on a microkernel architecture with Certicom elliptic curve cryptographic (ECC) for the communications between the cloud and on-board systems.

Secure and authenticated communication between all of the ECUs and peripherals on the network is ensured by a sophisticated public-key service. This approach safeguards against many types of security breaches, including denial of service (DoS) attacks.

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The pace of change in the automotive world is putting huge stress on in-vehicle networking and traditional architectures simply cannot cope. Systems such as ADAS and IVI require sophisticated arrays of sensors and other network-connected devices and older network protocols simply do not have the bandwidth to handle all of the data in a timely manner – a serious issue for safety-critical systems.

The march towards full vehicle autonomy will only exacerbate this problem, especially as multiple high-resolution cameras are added to vehicles, generating even more data. In order to process, analyse and respond in real time, new network protocols are required and Ethernet is becoming the most popular choice.

Vehicle autonomy will require ever higher resolution sensing as well as redundancy within critical components and increased connectivity to other vehicles and the surrounding world, all of which mean more data to transmit around the vehicle.

Molex’s 10Gbps systems have now been shown to be effective in modern automotive applications and are expected to be a significant factor in the development of the technologically advanced vehicles that are just around the corner.



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