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Li-Fi, Is It 100X Faster Than Wi-Fi?


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In this video, the author is trying to tell you about a technology breakthrough that of Wi-Fi called Li-Fi (Light Fidelity). Instead of using radio waves as the communication medium, Li-Fi uses Light technology to transmit and receive data at a much faster rate. He also incorporates a few bits of TED Talk when this technology was introduced by Harald Haas.

Courtesy: ColdFusion



  1. Hi, my name is Varun and I am an Electronics And Communication engineer.
    One of my Friend is trying to make simple application of data transfer using Li-Fi technology i.e, transferring data like files or photos using Li-Fi. He needs some idea to make the transmitter for it.
    Any help?

    • I think it will be use full for your friend.
      I have implemented one Li-Fi project in which I am reading sensors data and transferring through UART of ARM board to PWM modulator to convert the digital data into square wave form and giving to light to transmit. At receiver side converting light signals into square waves using photo detector and reconverting into digital using PWM demodulator and giving to receiving ARM board through UART.


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