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element14 becomes exclusive global distributor and manufacturer of Motorola’s new Moto Mods Development Kit

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Moto Mods Development Kit to place the future of smartphone accessories into the hands of makers and developers

Bangalore – August 1, 2016 – element14 has signed an agreement to be the exclusive global distribution and manufacturing partner of Motorola for its new maker and developer-focused Moto Mods Development Kit (MDK). The MDK is designed to connect to the new Motorola Moto Z smartphone and enable makers to create their own Moto Mods, creating ,, custom applications that transform the capabilities of your smartphone in a snap. The kit is available to buy exclusively from element14 in the United States today, with global availability expected for fall of 2016.

element14 is the leading manufacturer and distributor for the maker and developer market and the number one supplier of single board computers. Now, by partnering exclusively with element14 for the launch of the new Moto Mods Development Kit, Motorola is also entering this space to offer the potential to revolutionize the future capabilities of the smartphone. This new partnership also further extends element14’s reach within this community and supports its position as a champion of makers and developers.

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From today, owners of any Moto Z smartphone can buy the MDK exclusively from element14 to be able to quickly prototype Moto Mods, which instantly transform your smartphone into an entirely new device, doing what no other phone can do. Moto Mods magnetically snap onto your phone, seamlessly becoming one with it, temporarily changing it into a speaker, a projector or any number of other devices.

The opportunity to get involved in the development of Moto Mods is made possible by the revolutionary Moto Mod Smart Surface. The smart surface means that Moto Mods can be snapped onto the back of the Moto Z smartphone, enabling users to customize their phone without the need for internal integration. This unique capability means developers across the globe can design and commercialize their own Moto Mod, and users can change the personality and capabilities of their smartphone as quickly and easily as taking off one Mod and snapping on another.

Motorola has chosen element14 to exclusively take this new product to the market globally, reflecting element14’s position as a champion for makers and developers, its global footprint and experience in this growing market. The Moto Mods Development Kit is a true game changer for the smartphone industry. A technology that was once only available to industry insiders is now available to everyone – offering them the opportunity to help build an ecosystem that will change the future of mobile.

“element14 believes the industry’s best innovations occur when the technologies powering them are made more accessible to more people,” said Claire Doyle, Global Head of element14’s Single Board Computing division. “We are changing the landscape of the maker and developer market by partnering with major global brands to make this happen. We are delighted to be Motorola’s exclusive partner for the Moto Mods Development Kit.”

The Moto Mods Development Kit includes everything users need to connect to their Moto Z smartphone and begin prototyping instantly. Included is a Perforated Board to solder components to, an example cover and a Reference Moto Mod. All of the components of the kit will also be available for purchase separately from element14.

element14 is also offering the Motorola HAT Adapter Board to extend the Reference Moto Mod for use with existing Raspberry Pi HATs, and Motorola’s Personality Cards (Audio, Battery, Display and Sensor), with open-sourced electrical and mechanical schematics, Moto Mods firmware, and Android Apps that serve as examples of how users can create their own prototypes.

The Moto Mods Development Kit, HAT Adapter Board, Personality Cards, and spare Perforated Boards are available to buy now at MCM Electronics and Newark element14 in the United States. The products will be available to buy in Europe and Asia-Pacific in the fall of 2016.



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