Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Space-Saving Film Capacitors for Automotive and Energy Applications

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The capacitor series has high capacitance, extended stability in harsh environments, provides more board space and is inexpensive

KEMET, a global supplier of electronic components, has launched its new R52 series of compact polypropylene film X2 EMI (electromagnetic interference) suppression capacitors. The series fulfils the growing need of automotive, industrial, consumer and energy applications that require a smaller, high-capacitance X2 class solution for suppressing EMI. These capacitors possess highly reliable standards required for smart grid hardware located in limited access areas where regular service is not available.

The R52 series offers capacitance values up to 22µF, 85/85 THB Class IIB classification and long-life stability in harsh environmental conditions along with 60 per cent smaller volume on average than other X2 solutions with the same range of capacitance values, positioning R52 as an X2 class solution that addresses the size, capacitance and reliability challenges for design engineers across multiple industries.

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Suited For Wide Usage

The R52 series can be used in DC-DC converters within on-board battery charger systems found in electric and hybrid vehicles. Its unique design features are well-suited for industrial and consumer applications, including EMI filtering for variable frequency drives (VFD) and light emitting diode (LED) drives. The series can also support applications with elevated energy densities, such as compact capacitive power supplies.

Currently available solutions comparable to the R52 series have either larger dimensions or require capacitors in parallel in the design. These solutions require more PCB (printed circuit board) space, resulting in higher costs and lower reliability. The R52 series, however, offers a high capacitance density with a smaller footprint.

The R52 series meets the AEC-Q200 automotive standard and is available via KEMET distributors.


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