Wednesday, May 22, 2024

High-Voltage Fuses for EV And Battery Energy Storage Systems

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Fuse for high voltage (HV) battery-operated vehicles and HV battery energy storage systems.

Image of different types of fuses (Source: Bel)

Bel Power Solutions has released a high-voltage (HV) fuse for electric vehicle (EV) and energy storage applications. Bel power solution is one of the first companies to offer a full lineup of fuse ranging from 500V to 1000V. The HV fuse can enhance the safety of an EV or a battery energy storage system. The fuse can be used in various applications, including battery modules, battery packs, battery junction boxes, chargers, charging stations, auxiliary circuits, etc.

Fuses are one of the most essential safety components in any electric circuit. Fuses protect the wiring and circuits of any electric system. Automotive fuses are of different types, but the most commonly used fuses are blade type and Bosch type. Older vehicles used to employ Lucas-type and glass-type fuses.

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According to the company, Bel’s EV fuses will allow customers to design and develop a variety of end products, which include battery modules, battery packs, battery junction boxes, battery chargers, charging stations, auxiliary circuits, and more. The high-voltage fuses are self-certified and meet various stringent automotive requirements. The products are to be made available through distribution beginning in December 2022.

About Bel
Bel Power Solutions is a part of Bel group of companies that designs, manufactures and markets a broad array of products including circuit protection, connectors, cable assemblies, discrete components, magnetics and power supplies. The Company serves a global market and operates facilities around the world.


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