Monday, July 15, 2024

Low-Power IoT Person Detector For Battery-Powered Edge AI Applications 

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It brings human-figure detection to IoT image and video at just 0.7 mJ per inference – a 100 times improvement

By leveraging Aizip’s Visual Wake Words (VWW) model, Maxim Integrated’s low-power, neural-network microcontroller, the MAX78000 can now execute AI inferences at less than 1/100th the energy of conventional software solutions, improving run-time for battery-powered edge AI applications. 

The low-power network provides longer operation for battery-powered IoT systems that require human-presence detection, including building energy management and smart security cameras.

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Key Advantages

Extended Battery Life: Efficient AI model and low power microcontroller system-on-chip (SoC) reduce inference energy to 0.7 mJ, allowing 13 million inferences from a single AA/LR6 battery.

Cost-Effective Intelligence at the Edge: Extreme model compression enables accurate smart vision with a memory-constrained, low-cost AI accelerated microcontroller and budget-friendly image sensors.

The MAX78000 microcontroller and MAX78000EVKIT# evaluation kit are available now at Maxim Integrated’s website and through authorised distributors. AIV DNN series models, tools and services are available directly from Aizip.


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