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Power Supply For Industrial And Medical Applications

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COSEL has launched AEA800F a robust 800W power supply for industrial and medical applications. The AEA800F can deliver up to 300% of its peak power for 30 seconds. The power supply features a small and compact PCB layout which is optimized for air cooling. The power supply is designed for critical applications requiring a high level of safety and reliability and comes with an EN62477-1OVC III certification. The module is suitable for use as a medical body floating (BF) application.

According to the company, the AEA800F layout is optimized for free-air convection making it ideal for use in equipment being operated in low-noise environments. The module is also capable of driving dynamic loads such as motors which require a high starting current. The power supply can deliver 300% of its rated capacity for over 3000milli seconds. The module can be used in harsh environmental setups and offers a high level of safety.
The module offers input to output isolation of 4000VAC, input to ground (FG) of 2,000 VAC and output to ground (FG) of 1,500VAC. The power supply can directly be connected to the main distribution as it comes with EN63477-1 over voltage category three (OVC III). This simplifies the designing process and reduces the cost of deployment while offering a high level of safety and efficiency.

The power supply can take an input voltage between 85V AC to 264VAC and offers output at 24V, 36V and 48V with a maximum continuous current of 34A (Peak 72.5), 22.7A (Peak 48.4A) and 17A (Peak 36.3A). The output voltage can be adjusted using a built-in potentiometer. The AEA800F can be daisy-chained in a parallel configuration to provide higher output power.

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The AEA800F comes with multiple safety features including built-in inrush current, overcurrent, overvoltage protection circuits, and thermal protection. The power supply module measures 50 x 127 x 203.2 and weighs less than 1.4kg. The power supply comes with a 5 years warranty. The AEA800F series is suitable for a large range of applications such as robotics, infusion pumps, emergency signalling, ventilators, actuators, radio and transmission equipment, etc.


  1. I am interested in yur 12,24 and 36 Volts Ac-DC ,SMPS . We need them in different power ratings such as 200 watt,350 watt and 500 watt. We would like them to be natirally cooled preferably without fan. Please send the full data sheet with price in different quantity breakups. We need these supply to be used as an OEM component in our control Panels


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