Monday, July 22, 2024

Renesas launches Radiation-Hardened Power Management Solutions For Satellites In Medium And Geosynchronous Earth Orbits

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Renesas Electronics Corporation introduces high-reliability radiation-hardened power management products for satellites.

Radiation hardened electronic components are necessary for space environments where there are high levels of ionizing radiation, such as cosmic outer space radiation. Radiation hardening process ensures that the electronic components are resistant to damage or malfunction caused by these high levels of radiation. The radiation causes electromagnetic interference in the integrated circuits and may cause other errors depending on the radiation intensity. Improving the packaging can reduce the effect of these external radiations.

Renesas Electronics Corporation announces its plastic-packaged radiation-hardened devices for satellite power management systems. Satellite systems are often space constrained and must be very immune to external radiations. The four news devices by Renesas includes the ISL71001SLHM/SEHM point of load (POL) buck regulator, ISL71610SLHM and ISL71710SLHM digital isolators, and the ISL73033SLHM 100V GaN FET and integrated low-side driver. These news products are said to combine compactness and cost effectiveness due to plastic packaging. They firm claims that these products are space-grade solutions for missions in medium/geosynchronous Earth orbit (MEO/GEO) with longer lifetime requirements, as well as small satellites (smallsats).

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The newer power management products are said to be perfect for high density electronics. Conventionally, radiation hardened ICs are prepared by hermetically sealed ceramic packages, which achieved the required immunity and reliability but the size and weight were high. These products by Renesas claim to address these issues.

According to the firm, they ensure plastic ICs adhere to the highest quality and reliability for operation in harsh space environments. The products are said to go through various production tests and screening. The production test includes 100 percent CSAM, X-Ray, Temperature Cycling, Static and Dynamic Burn In, and visual inspection. The screening includes Lot Assurance Testing per assembly and wafer lot product for HAST, Life Testing, and Moisture Sensitivity.

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