Sunday, July 14, 2024

STMicroelectronics Announces Qi-Certified Chargers For Automotive and Consumer Applications

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STMicroelectronics introduced their Qi-certified wireless charging solutions for consumer and automotive applications.

Wireless charging is found to be effective in various small-scale and large-scale applications like electric vehicles, smartphones and wearables. Qi wireless charging standard has become an accepted solution for many small-scale wireless chargers. The standard is applicable for electrical power transfer over distances of up to 40 millimeters (1.6 inches). The power charger allows a single Qi wireless charger from any supplier to be used to charge any Qi compatible device that means only one charger pad is required to charge all compatible devices.

At the core of this technology, is a base station that provides inductive power for wireless transmission. The mobile device may be placed on top of this surface. The pad consists of a transmitting coil that induces power in the secondary coil present in the mobile device. The coupling between the primary and secondary coil dictates the efficiency.

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These chargers might have high power or fast charging modes and so, the consumer products must be protected. STMicroelectronics provides a secure way to authenticate Qi-certified chargers before increasing the charge at any power level over five Watts. The new STSAFE IC family by STM are Qi-certified and provide authentication using state-of-the-art cryptography. The ICs can identify the charger and strictly attest to its authenticity as a Qi-certified product.

The STSAFE-A110, and STSAFE-V110 ICs are designed for automotive applications. They consist of a secure operating system executed on a secure microcontroller. For Qi authentication, they are preloaded with the appropriate cryptographic key and the official Qi Certificate.

Using these solutions, designers can integrate STSAFE-A110 with the application host system and the digital controllers for wireless charge transmitters.

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