Thursday, May 30, 2024

GPS Locator Revolutionises Dealer Lot Management & Theft Recovery

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Finding a product that combines both the capabilities of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth usually comes with a high price tag, especially if you want extended battery life. However, Silicon Labs’ RS9116 modules provide a comprehensive multi-protocol wireless connectivity solution including WiFi and dual-mode Bluetooth 5. The Wi-Fi modules also offer high throughput and extended range with power optimized performance – all at an affordable price.

So, when Kudelski recognized a need for a wireless solution that still offered easy lot management to car dealerships and a secure theft recovery solution for consumers, the RS9116 modules were the perfect candidate. The modules ensure low cost, dual functionality (both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and low-power consumption.

Kudelski then created RecovR using RS9116 Bluetooth capabilities to ensure that vehicles can be tracked not only outdoors but also indoors in dealer showrooms and garages using Bluetooth beacons.

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RecovR: One-of-a-kind Business Model

RecovR streamlines management operations and ensures vehicle security (for both dealerships and consumers) at no cost upfront to the dealer. Since it requires no wiring, RecovR can be installed and paired with a vehicle in a matter of seconds, as well as providing a five-year battery life.

When a new car arrives at a dealership, staff only needs to scan the RecovR device to associate it with a VIN number and adhere it into a randomized location in the car to prevent thieves from finding it. Dealers can also use Kudelski’s RecovR Management Portal to get real time visibility into vehicle inventory.

From that point on, vehicles can be located anywhere – whether it’s to track how quickly they make it to the sales floor or help a salesperson find a specific car as quickly as possible.

With RecovR, dealers can also detect when a car leaves the lot after hours, automatically alerting management. This not only improves security but can also help lower insurance costs.

When a consumer buys a car with RecovR, they get access to the mobile app that also allows them to locate their car, whether it’s been stolen, or they’ve just forgotten where they parked or their teenager is late for curfew. It also allows the owner to receive a notification if their car has been moved without their authorization (stolen, towed or borrowed).

RecovR is provided at no upfront cost, and the dealer only pays Kudelski IoT when they sell a vehicle with RecovR, making RecovR a win-win proposition for Kudelski, the dealer and their customer.

Unparalleled Visibility

Silicon Labs RS9116 multi-protocol (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) modules are particularly important, not only for lot management and theft recovery, but also to expand asset tracking coverage as more dealers continue to showcase their vehicles across locations: from giant lawns and indoor showrooms to parking lots and garages that sometimes span multiple levels.

RecovR must not only enable outdoor GPS based positioning, but also indoor positioning based on Bluetooth Low Energy. RecovR works indoors and outdoors and across multiple lots giving dealers (and eventually consumers) unparalleled visibility and control over their vehicles.


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