Saturday, June 22, 2024

SHENMAO Introduces PF606-P269J Lead-Free Paste Specially Designed for Jet Dispensing

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SHENMAO America, Inc. offers PF606-P269J Lead-Free Jetting Solder Paste specially designed for the jetting process. It offers excellent workability and solderability for automatic high-speed jetting production with superior accuracy and precision.

Compared to contact dispensing, jet dispensing can significantly improve production speeds by eliminating the need for Z-axis movement. Jet dispensing also makes it easier to deposit solder paste onto surfaces of varying heights. 

PF606-P269J is halogen-free (ROL0) and complies with RoHS 2.0 and REACH. The new paste is formulated with the SAC305 Alloy and powder size ranges from type 4 to type 7 for fine dot jetting. It is suitable for fine pitch and ultra-fine pitch applications and devices with uneven, cavities and other difficult to print locations.

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Dot volume, size and shape are easy to adjust and optimize for each individual component and pad on the board by using the jetting system, making it applicable for fine-pitch devices and also minimizing the failure rate in production.



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