Wednesday, May 29, 2024

5 Playlists On Electronics Design Tutorials! – EFY Exclusive

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LED Drivers, Sine wave inverters, Smart meters, SMPS, Gesture recognition devices, what are you designing today?

Atithya Amaresh

1. Designing LED Drivers tutorial: This 6 part tutorial on Designing LED drivers comprises extensive lessons on introduction, design considerations, topologies, PFC, schematics demo and much more.

2. Sine wave Inverter Design Tutorial: This tutorial in two parts explains the process of designing sine wave inverters. The tutorials explain the basic block diagram of sinewave inverter and its PWM Scheme.

3. Tutorial on designing Smart Meter : This 4 part tutorial is based on designing the smart meters. The tutorial explains the block diagram of a smart grid system, the scenario of smart grid market in India, block diagram of smart energy meter and SoC of a smart meter.

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4. SMPS Design Tutorial: This 8 part tutorial explains about everything that you need to know for designing a SMPS. It will take you right from the basics and block diagram to its topology selection method.

5. Designing Gesture recognition devices: Watch this two part tutorial on designing one of the most recent trend in electronics, i.e. the gesture recognition devices. The tutorials will not only introduce you to the process of designing these devices but also will take through the amazing past present and future trends in this field.


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