Thursday, November 30, 2023

OLED Displays and Their Applications

Vikram Puri is researcher in R&D Center of Visualization and Simulation, Duy Tan University, Vietnam.-- Dr Anand Nayyar is a professor in Duy Tan University, Vietnam

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OLED light panels

OLED technology enables large-area light panels. OLED displays can be used to make flexible, transparent and colour-tunable light panels. OLED panels emit diffused light, which is very close to natural sunlight. OLED light panels from various companies include IKEA Vitsand, SKK Gooseneck, Ascend, Acuity Brands Olessence and Nomi, Workrite Ergonomics Natural OLED, Bernd Unrecht Adjust-S, Pugnale and Nylene Volker OLED Luminaire, and OTI Aerelight OLED. There are light panels available from LG, Philips, Osram and Konica Minolta too.

An OLED desk lamp
Fig. 8: An OLED desk lamp




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