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Opportunities for aspirants

The microcontrollers industry provides you with a lot of career options. It is because of the vast applications of microcontroller-based products. Most of the roles, however, can be grouped under some broad categories.

If you have interest in quality control, you may become a test engineer. In this role, you will be responsible for formulating test strategies, ensuring end-product quality and carrying out system testing accordingly.

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Else, you may utilise your logical mind as a software developer. You have to analyse and optimise embedded software meant for the targeted real-time operating system. Often the tasks like developing installable and built-in device drivers, kernel modifications and embedded applications are also a part of ‘what to do’ list.

Those who have a passion for solving mystery may choose to become a firmware engineer. It involves mainly debugging and troubleshooting and often testing of various protocols within an embedded firmware stack used in the microcontroller. [stextbox id=”info”]

The use of microcontrollers is now increasing steadily as numerous applications now useFCE_dec_img_3 electronic control. Applications ranging from entertainment to power train and body electronics increasingly use electronic control circuits for better reliability and performance.

—Anil Kumar, president of Indian Printed Circuit Association (IPCA)

[/stextbox]Another interesting role is that of hardware engineers. Hardware engineers are responsible for micro-controller -based hardware design and develop ment.

If you would like to explore how
microcontrollers can be made more operative or how a system can use a microcontroller to meet some specific need, then the suitable role for you is of an R&D engineer. You will be responsible for instrumentation, design and development in programmable logic control (PLC), drives or SCADA related fields and microcontroller instructions.

If you would like to bank largely on your communication skills, then also there is a role. You may begin as a field application engineer who is responsible for maintenance, servicing and customer care related operations.

Major recruiters. Similar to the wide applications of microcontrollers, you will find that a wide variety of industries are recruiting microcontroller professionals. The major recruiters are Texas Instrument, Conzerv, Infineon Technology, Freescale Semiconductor, Safenet InfoTech, Robert Bosch, Mah India, Acculogix Inc, Methode Electronics, Reinfold Physical In, Multi Services, Emerson Design Engineering, VVDESIGN, Minilec India and Microchip technology.

However, you can’t ignore the small-and medium-scale players in this field. In fact, around 60 per cent of the recruitment occurs in the small and medium sector.


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