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Innovation in Every Sphere of Life

Innovation in Every Sphere of Life

Remotely control your washer-dryer with this Wi-Fi adaptor

The Samsung smart home adaptor (Laundry) enables you to control your smart washer and dryer remotely using a mobile app. You just need to plug the adaptor into your washer-dryer, download the Samsung Smart Home App on your mobile device and follow the simple set-up instructions. The adaptor connects to a wireless network and enables you to control the washer and dryer remotely from anywhere using the app.

You can start, pause or stop your washer/dryer and select cycles and other options like temperature, rinse and spin cycles. From wherever you are, you can watch the progress of your wash cycle, and receive notifications when there is an error or when your laundry is done.

User reviews highlight some of the thoughtful features of this product. For instance, the app sends you a notification as soon as the cycle is complete, ensuring that you do not forget to take the clothes out. If you are getting delayed and the dry cycle is over, you can extend the tumble time so that your clothes don’t crumple up before you arrive. If your dryer has a de-wrinkle option, you can start it when you step into the shower to ensure that you have clean, wrinkle-free, ready-to-wear clothes when you need them!

This product (priced at just $25) is available on Samsung website and other online stores like Amazon.

Company: Samsung; Country: South Korea; Website

Samsung’s smart home adaptor makes your laundry smarter (Courtesy: Samsung)

3D printer priced below $100

This 3D printer is not bulky. Rather, it is quite sleek, even cute. And it comes from Kodama, the company that surprised the world in 2015 with its affordable and sturdy 3D printer Trinus. Obsidian, an even better bet, is a readily-assembled, plug-and-play fused deposition modelling (FDM) 3D printer made of aluminium parts, costing $99 upwards. The best part about Obsidian is that it runs on non-proprietary firmware, which expands the scope of what you can do with it!

Obsidian connects to your laptop through USB, has build volume of 120x120x120mm3, layer thickness of 50-350µm and heat range of 180-250°C, which makes it a reasonably good printer. At extra cost, you can include add-on features like Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2-megapixel webcam to record time lapses and monitor prints remotely, a heated bed to print with materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyethylene terephthalate-glycol modified (PET-G), an Android display to control your print settings with an exclusive user interface, and an 8.12cm (3.20-inch) thin-film transistor (TFT) touchscreen. The idea is to give you a good-quality but basic product at a low price-point, with the option to add features.

Incidentally, did you know that Japanese researcher Hideo Kodama developed the world’s first prototype of a 3D printer way back in 1981? That explains the name of this company!

Company: Kodama Inc.; Country: USA; Website

Obsidian is a plug-and-play $99 3D printer from Kodama Inc., which runs on non-proprietary firmware (Courtesy: Kodama Inc.)

Anyone can play music with this soft cube

A soft tactile foam cube with assistive music technology, Skoog, is a wonderful accessory for the iPad that helps turn anybody into a musician. The company compares it to a games controller—for what they call ‘musicplay’! The tactile cube is like a wireless controller for the music app running on your iPad. Touching it in different ways produces different sounds. The app is beneficial for young kids who have a flair for music but are not old enough to understand the theories behind it. It has also been found to be especially helpful for kids with disabilities, as it helps them to express themselves through music. It is a wonderful addition to a kindergarten classroom!

The toy-like device is shaped like a cube with colourful hemispherical bulges on the sides and top. The soft, foam-like material ensures that kids can easily press, poke, twist and squeeze the cube as well as the bulges. The device can be connected to your iOS device through USB or wirelessly. You also need to install the free Skoogmusic iOS app or Skoogmusic software for Mac/PC, to start using the device. Once done, just fiddle around with the soft, foamy cube to yield different notes on the app! You can select the instrument, set up sensitivity and thresholds on the app.

There are also other apps that work with Skoog and can be used to expand the spectrum of sounds and tunes produced. The Skoogmusic app also works with iTunes and other music streaming services, so you can play your favourite songs and jam along with Skoog!
Skoog can be bought online from Apple across the globe, or from select Apple stores in Europe. While dancing around with your previous iPhone to this music, do ensure that it has a strong stylish scale like the iPhone cases from this French brand.

Company: Skoogmusic; Country: Scotland; Website

Just press and fiddle around with the cube to create music (Courtesy: Skoogmusic)