Monday, September 25, 2023

Online Shops for Electronics Enthusiasts

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8. Kitsnspares: This web store stocks the electronics projects/kits that are published in ‘electronics for you’ magazine. The Arduino Original/Genuine version & clone version both are available on this site so you can compare the prices side by side & select the one appropriate for you. The site mainly focuses on DIY Kits/Projects & meets not only the requirement of Engineering & Diploma Students but electronics enthusiasts as well.

9. Fab to lab: The fab to lab store takes the burden off of your shoulder if you are setting up ‘Atal Tinkering lab’ as per the Initiatives adopted by Government of India to promote Creativity among young school children. A complete list of products & components required for setting such lab is available on this site. The Site also features some of the amazing tools like TS 100 Mini Soldering Iron. The tools section of this site is very impressive & complete in many aspects.

10. DNA Technology: This web store is great for buying hardware parts required in prototyping of an electronics project such screws, nuts & bolts. The prices of these items are very much comparable to local markets & hence affordable. Some other cool stuffs available are Li-ion batteries, single board computers (SBCs), Interfacing boards, Microcontrollers etc. The price of robotic parts is quite affordable on this site.

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11. Electron Components: This online store features both high quality as well as medium quality affordable stuff. The collection of Integrated Circuits covers mostly all type of chips available in market. The tool section is equally good too with great choice of superior quality yet affordable tools. Most of the components on this site is thru-hole type with very few of being SMD type. Overall the coverage of electronics parts is good.
Some well-known online stores that I didn’t mentioned here are Ebay India & Amazon India.



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