Tuesday, September 26, 2023

“We are currently working on a processor-based IoT gateway that would be at the heart of IoT applications”

The developer of the weather station data loggers that aid the disaster management team of Karnataka, V3 NOVUS Pvt Ltd, offers embedded design services to clients all over the world. Hemanth Kumar HD, Director – Business Development, V3 NOVUS Pvt Ltd, talks to Abhimanyu Rathore of EFY, for the Design in India series.

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Plan according to place and time

Q. What is your marketing strategy to reach global clients?
A. In most cases, we reach our global clients through references, cold calls and sometimes even through our website that gives all details about our design activities. Apart from these, we also get some of our clients through social media like LinkedIn.

Q. Is your strategy the same for Indian clients too?
A. In India, our approach is a little different as we prefer to meet our prospects face-to-face, which helps in analysing their needs. Also, most of our customers prefer personal interactions, which make the decision-making process faster on both ends.

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Q. How many design engineers do you have for circuit/ system design and chip design? Also, would you be recruiting in the next 12 months?
A. We have four engineers for circuit design and four for chip design. We will also be recruiting embedded firmware developers and printed circuit board (PCB) design engineers.

Q. Do you only hire from tier-1 or tier-2 colleges? Do you have a training or internship programme?
A. We look for quality candidates, irrespective of where they come from. We also have training programmes, but only for committed candidates.

Q. Do you hire freshers? If yes, what are your selection criteria?
A. Yes. We are looking for candidates with a diploma or engineering degree in electronics for our design, testing and sales activities. Freshers need to have knowledge of basic electronics, networking and C programming.


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