Thursday, May 30, 2024

Customisable Powerhouse for Faster Computing

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Semidynamics takes core customisation to another level.

Semidynamics launched a fully customisable 64-bit RISC-V core, Atrevido 423,  for big data applications. The core can be opened up to insert a customer’s specific instructions which the company calls Open Core Surgery.

The Atrevido 423 uses Gazillion technology using which it can handle up to 128 simultaneous requests for data and track them back to the correct place in whatever order they are returned. It  has a wider, 4-way pipeline, allowing for the decoding and retirement of up to two times more instructions than its 2-way, 223 core. It is also coupled with more functional units, which significantly increases instructions-per-cycle. 

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“(Atrevido 423) will open up opportunities in many application areas of High-Performance Computing such as video processing, AI and ML.” said Roger Espasa, CEO of Semidynamics.

It can be configured as a coherent core and a simpler, incoherent core. It supports various memory types, making it suitable for running large and memory-hungry applications when using the Linux operating system. This core can be customized with various  extensions including Vector Unit for advanced calculations. Other important extensions are bit manipulation, crypto, single-precision floating point (FP), double-precision FP, half-precision FP and bfloat16. 

The core follows the latest standards and extra protection can be added to core’s memory by choosing to protect the data cache with error correcting codes and the instruction cache with parity. It  can handle huge size and complexity of compute, and it’s compatible with various manufacturing processes, including very small ones down to 5 nanometers.


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