Saturday, June 22, 2024

This Tiny Device Packs In Great Power For Machine Vision Applications

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Makes analysing and processing of images on the edge for advanced machine vision and edge computing a possibility

Over the past few years, with the growth and development of machine vision technology, many new processors and devices to supplement it were launched. And their performance has been phenomenal.

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Joining the list is the Nicla Vision, Arduino’s very own small-sized (measuring just 22.86 x 22.86 mm) processor that lets you analyse and process images on the edge for advanced machine vision and edge computing.

Packed with impressive features such as a powerful dual processor, 2MP colour camera, WiFi and Bluetooth LE connectivity, integrated microphone, crypto chip and accelerometer all in a small size, Nicla Vision supports sensors including IMU and ToF, thus becoming suitable for applications ranging from industrial automation to smart, intuitive retail experience via image detection, gesture recognition, automated optical inspection.

Moreover, Nicla Vision is compatible with Portenta and MKR components. It fully integrates with OpenMV and supports MicroPython to complement a wide range of professional and consumer equipment. Other programming support includes:

  • C++
  • STM32Cube IDE and more

On top of image detection and recognition, it senses and captures distance, sound, movement and vibration data, thanks to a smart six-axis motion sensor, integrated microphone and distance sensor.

Predictive maintenance, monitoring wireless sensor networks remotely, automated inventory management and asset recognition are some more applications. Prototyping machine vision applications just got a lot faster.

Nicla Vision is a part of Arduino’s Nicla range, which includes the Nicla Sense ME. Nicla Vision is now available at the Arduino Store for purchase.


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