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World’s First Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 Tri-band Single Chip Solutions

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The world’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 tri-band single-chip solutions and access points, revolutionizing wireless communication with interoperability and performance for environments.


MaxLinear has introduced the world’s first Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 tri-band single chip solutions and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 tri-band access point, according to a graphic from Business Wire.

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi 7 certification ensures that future Wi-Fi 7 devices can work together smoothly and meet the performance expectations of the new standard. MaxLinear’s participation in the certification process with its single-chip Wi-Fi 7 solution demonstrates its ongoing dedication to advancing communications and transforming how service providers create access and connectivity networks.

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The testbed uses MaxLinear’s access point product with three frequency bands: 2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz, using MaxLinear’s Wi-Fi SoC. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 access point improves speeds, capacity, and efficiency, making it suitable for environments. It includes 4K QAM, Multi-Link Operations (MLO), Multi RU and puncturing, MU-MIMO, OFDMA, beamforming, and power-saving enhancements.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 SoC product family (MxL31712 and MxL31708) is based on the IEEE 802.11be standard (Extremely High Throughput – EHT) and delivers 11.5 Gbps of throughput on the 6GHz (6E) spectrum, offering speeds twice as fast as the Wi-Fi 6 generation. The architecture combines the access point into a single Wi-Fi SoC, providing performance and latency in single-user, single-link, multi-link, and multi-user scenarios, with optimized bill of materials (BOM) and low power modes.

Consumer demand for uses such as 4K and 8K video, gaming, 3D (metaverse), AI, health monitoring, and IoT devices such as cameras and thermostats drives the need for bandwidth that can bring higher throughputs and lower latency. Wi-Fi 7 offers advancement, enhancing latency, speed, range, reliability, and security. 

“At MaxLinear, we’re not just leading the pack with Wi-Fi 7 technology; we’re redefining it. Our single-chip tri-band device is an industry first, symbolizing a giant leap in wireless communication,” said Will Torgerson, VP/GM Broadband Group. 

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