Friday, January 27, 2023

Signal and Power Integrity: Let Your Product be in Harmony

Vertica Asthana is a technical journalist at EFY

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This has been introduced following the government’s directive to save power when devices are not in use. Like mobile chargers, all systems consume a small amount of power even when there is no load but the mains supply is ‘on.’ A power analyser as a PI instrument measures the system’s power consumption in standby mode. So, products that are tested for power integrity, give consumers the benfit of power saving. Monetarily, it is a huge benefit to the manufacturers as well.

In power integrity measurement, oscilloscopes with limited bandwidth are preferred as these produce less noise. If a measurement does not require the bandwidth to be extended, the bandwidth is limited to reduce the noise produced.

The way forward

Earlier, designers used post-layout analysis, which didn’t guarantee design success. But now by using high-speed design, analysis and verification techniques early in the design phase, designers can eliminate layout iterations and deliver products on time. As SI and PI issues will continue to remain a big concern, the measurement market will evolve and merge to make it easier for designers. But, at present, a more practical approach to measure power integrity and signal integrity is to have instruments that measure them separately.

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