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Actofit Launches its Much-awaited gym Fitness Tracker on Indiegogo

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MUMBAI, October 24, 2016 — Backed With a Fresh Round of Funding, Actofit is Commercially Launching its Much-awaited Smart Wrist-wear That Tracks Comprehensive Indoor Workouts and Provides Data Driven Actionable Insights

Actofit is the first-ever product that tracks not only the steps and heart rate but goes deeper into advanced motion tracking to track comprehensive and granular workout statistics; creating seamless logs, allowing one to evaluate data to make informed decisions.

Through its versatility and innovation, Actofit is able to auto identify 75+ gym exercises, count sets and reps, measure continuous heart rate, estimate velocity, force and power for every exercise in the gym and can also be used for the rest of the day as a regular fitness tracker. “Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I was amazed by how the engagement with a fitness tracker made one more aware about his fitness. If tracking steps made so much of a difference, the idea of tracking workouts was simply too intriguing to resist. We wanted to make tracking workouts as simple as tracking steps,” said Pratik Saraogi, Cofounder & CEO at Actofit. He didn’t believe 10k steps, as marketed by the market leader wearables, to be an accurate metric to measure fitness, as not all exercises involve steps.

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Actofit uses 9 axis motion sensors to track movement in the 3D space. Using machine-learning algorithms, Actofit has built an activity identification platform and has multiple pending patents. Although the product is launched in the fitness space, the software platform is capable and allows users to add or customize any kind of motion and track it, which has applications across different sports, yoga, physiotherapy and more.

“We already have a global distribution network setup with pilots done with a few major gyms globally,” said Nikhil Lamba, Cofounder & CMO of Actofit, who is immensely excited about the capabilities and always receives superlatively positive feedback from potential partners and customers. “Actofit is the next generation fitness tracker that combines daily lifestyle tracking with in-depth analysis of your gym workout,” continued Lamba.

The basic idea here is to eliminate the need for manual entry of workout logs in apps as well as to provide more relevant information which was previously not available to the individual. Manual logging is now automated with data science. It is observed that the fitness trackers with just step counters motivate users to take more steps and live healthier lives, it will be interesting to see how Actofit is able to increase motivational levels amongst gym goers, where about 2/3rd of gym members are not regular gym goers. Actofit is also aiming to integrate with third party mobile apps so that the startup’s data can be shared and used more widely and effectively. This makes fitness a way of life, and not a destination.

“I have no doubts, Actofit in its own way can cause a disruption in the fitness arena. I trust the team, technology and the product,” said strategic investor and advisor Nilesh Jain, who has been mentoring the team and is interested to see how this turns out. “A lot companies today are focused on creating marketplaces for you to feed in information, and get help from the other side, but very few actually have a sensor network to pull in that information automatically and seamlessly. This would result in an exponentially higher user experience and a better stickiness,” opined Mr. Jain.

The company has partnered up with Indiegogo for the booking of its pre-orders which is expected to kick off on 25th October, 2016, and is expected to start shipping its first batch as early as December 2016.

Source: PRNewswire



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