Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Even If You Have a Good Machine and Bad Support, It is Still a Bad Machine

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Q. Do you think information overload is a real problem with all consumer devices available these days?
A. We are being swamped with information. What many people do is, they make the mistake of allowing themselves to be swamped, and they do not use technology to make their lives easier. During this interview if I had got a message from my wife, I would have had to take my phone out and have a look at it and see who sent the message.

Today, all I have to do is take a look at my wrist, tap and tap again and I would have just informed her that I will call her later, using a smartwatch. Technology saves time. I can read emails on my watch, although my eyes are a bit worse for wear.

The only time it is disappointing is when I go to a restaurant and I see parents on their phones and children on their tablets, and no one is talking to each other. With my wife and children, absolutely nobody is allowed to use their phone at the table, which is why I have my watch. I can have a quick glance.



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