Sunday, September 24, 2023

Cognitive Technology and Block Chain can Change the IoT World

Shanosh Kumar from EFY.

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Q.Could you talk to us about Cognitive manufacturing?

A.This is a relatively a new concept, but if we think about it, there is a ton of data to deal with in manufacturing processes to optimize production schedules, costs, and quality. On the one hand, massive production facilities must run efficiently and profitably, while on the other hand, customers are waiting… and time is running out. To detect patterns coming from the sensor data, such as wear and tear in the manufacturing equipment, the solution comes from understanding the data and recommending how to solve the issues. It is all about knowing these facts and analysing the data to fix problems faster, while ensuring optimal machine uptime, quality, and efficiency. We will be seeing more cognitive technology relevant to cognitive applications that will be relevant to manufacturing.

Q.What is the future of cognitive technology, blockchain and IoT in a Nutshell?

A.With sensors as the authors, the Internet of Things is essentially about bringing the sensor data to a place where it could be useful. Cognitive applications are given an unbelievable amount of data to study when we intersect it with IoT. When you look at that and ask what is possible, I would say, what is not possible! The future includes making sense of all that data to gain new insights that can be used to revamp product development and operations, resulting in brand new experiences for consumers and huge financial benefits to businesses.

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