Monday, December 4, 2023

Feel The Heat : Real Thermography Beginning At 160×120

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Q) Any updates with respect to newer features?

The new developments now promises basic thermal imager that can take care of your basic predictive maintenance without any compromise. Keeping up to its legacy of giving the best technology to the customer, without them compromising on the technical aspects.

In professionally conducted thermography, the distance to the measuring instrument is crucial. However, it is not always possible to approach the measurement object very closely. At a comfortable distance to the measurement object, thermal imagers with a low resolution either provide too little detail, or falsify the measurement value by including the adjacent parts of the measurement object in the calculation.

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Only from a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels can real thermography be spoken of, because then you still produce meaningful thermal images even at greater distances. The super resolution feature increases image resolution to 320 x 240 pixels.

Another big development is in terms of the price reduction and bringing real thermography of 160 X 120 pixels under a real low price bracket and making the technology accessible to all.

Q) Bolometers have come a long way, what are the advances in and after micro-bolometer?

Bolometer is the heart of the equipment that holds the sensor and takes care of its temperature uniformity. With the demand for small camera requirement from the market, it is a real challenge to manage things like heat dissipation as well as clarity of the image and information.

We being a European manufacturer do not believe in compromise of the quality of the product rather focus on the quality and usability of a product. We all know that making equipment cheaper at the cost of quality, lands the user to a different set of problems. Hence at Testo, we believe in helping people measure and measure right.

Q) What have the recent development trends been?

Today the customer is demanding an imager that can see far off objects large enough with correct temperature information. A lot of work is being carried out on the same. There are lens designed for such applications, software up gradations on the instrument and the software for data analysis is done. Everything boils down to the customer’s needs and we are doing the best in the case for it.

Q) What are the challenges in designing the equipment for defence equipment compared to civil & industrial equipment?

Both the requirements – defence and industries are totally different. Even in defence there is a requirement for maintenance utility, at the same time there is a very niche application which is more related to security and surveillance. This is a kind of a 24×7 requirement with a long distance view and also communication to a long distance.

Also the export regulations from the countries manufacturing the sensors or instruments have their own course.

There is a requirement on one side and there are regulations on the other. Both have to come to a common point so that it becomes a user friendly and a very good tool for security systems.

Q) Design challenges in thermal imaging accessories for smart phones.

For a professional thermographer, the more he is able to work with his system and product, the better it is. The more gadgets he starts involving in his process, more will it hamper his individual performance. Normally this product is used by an individual employee of a company and he needs to do an analysis after the images are taken. If images are shared without analysis or a report along with it, it can be misinterpreted.

Also while working on a site, personal safety has to be of highest importance. So working with multiple gadgets can be an inconvenience for such areas of operation. People are too fascinated with these applications but a practical use of it is very limited. At the same time these gadgets can breach safety of the user also.

We believe in simple thermography and for analysis you have a lot of options on the PC or laptop. If the maintenance is regular then there is seldom a chance of need of urgency in communication which is marketed using some gadgets.

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