Q. Do you see any influence of MEMS in the telematics industry?
A. Yes! Adding to distance the direction measure from point A to B, the telematics industry is looking at a three-dimensional perspective of maps. Being called e-horizon concept, MEMS sensors can be used to provide information about the gradient or geography between places. It could be data on the altitude upfront or whether the surface is rocky. An auto-driving car could use this information to prepare itself for the drive.

Another application in this industry is for understanding how good a driver is. MEMS sensors are used to study and understand driving patterns such as how the driver accelerates, decelerates or applies brakes. This can be used for analysing driving patterns, maintenance of the vehicle and also to predict its life.

Also booming is the e-call concept, where data is used to interpret a crash or an accident and immediately alert emergency services, automatically.



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