Thursday, December 8, 2022

India’s EV Industry Success Depends On How Soon It Stops Seeing It From A Global Lens

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In a year where the phrase ‘new normal’ became part of our daily vocabulary in ways never before imagined, India set parameters for the new normal in India’s transport sector

The government has set ambitious targets to achieve its goals of zero emissions, one of which includes phasing out of petrol-run vehicles and replacing them with electric ones by 30% by the onset of next decade. To put things in perspective, the United States has earmarked half of its total vehicle sales to be EV by 2030. Neighbour China, on the other hand, has a target of 40%.

Notably, these countries began their journey to electric mobility long before India. To achieve such high numbers, India has to be at par with these countries in terms of not just manufacturing but also adoption.

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But in a country with over 1.3 billion population, it has been proven time and again that demands of India vastly contradict those of the West. Then why are we still following the same global formula while heralding the clean mobility millennium in the subcontinent?




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