Friday, May 24, 2024

“Indian market has lots of potential for our products”

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Q. What are the challenges you foresee or have experienced while dealing in India?
A. Price plays a vital role in most of the developing countries like India and Brazil. In Brazil, GeoVision has already taken over the majority of the IP market share. We wish to do the same with the Indian market over the following years as the market background is the same.

Q. Have you ever engaged in any marketing activity to generate business from India (e.g. participated in an expo or advertised in a magazine or a website)? If yes, please share details of the activities executed and the results experienced.
A. We had participated in the IFSEC exhibition held in Delhi in the year 2009. We had a lot of enquiries but at that moment India was still in an infant stage for IP products. Our partners put up advertisements in India Safe magazines too. I feel that now with the Internet as key, all the major players are transparent, unless they are a newcomer.

Q. If any organisation from India is interested in affiliating with you as your partner or customer, whom should they contact? Please share the contact details: names, addresses, phone #, e-mail IDs, contact details, etc.
A. Yes, they are most welcome to contact me. I am the manager in the Sales Division and look after most of the Asian and Oceanic countries including India.

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