Thursday, July 18, 2024

“Some of the tablet players are bringing in technology that Apple oversaw”

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Acer’s tablets are packed with full HD playback, HDMI interface, SD card slots, etc, which will be an added advantage for users using external display connectivity.

Recently, you have come up with both Windows and Android tablets internationally. What would you recommend: A Windows or an Android tablet?
Each operating system has its own advantages and disadvantages. We believe that Windows-based tablets will also find use in commercial space verticals like education and healthcare, as these will easily integrate with the current office network to run regular applications.

Several applications are being developed on Android platform to give consumers a great usage experience.

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What are the major issues before tablets?
Customers who are used to the regular keyboard size for content creation will find adapting to tablets a little difficult. Also, the computing power of tablets is still lower than regular notebooks’—primarily because these are ultra-portable and mobile devices—so tasks requiring a higher computing speed will take longer on tablets.

Some of these challenges will be areas of opportunity for us to develop and we see these being overcome in the next few months.

Looking forward, how do you see the future?
We will witness faster processors, more improved wireless technologies, fingerprint recognition, array microphones and longer battery lives. The tablet market will explode and grow rapidly over the next five years. In 2011 itself, we expect the market to touch about 65 million units worldwide. This exponential growth will see worldwide shipments cross 200 million units for tablets alone by 2014.


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