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My Vision Is To Position Andhra Pradesh On The World Map For Electronics Manufacturing

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Q. What are the innovative marketing plans and platforms (like electronics bazaars) offered by Andhra Pradesh government to promote the ESDM sector in the state?
A. We have adopted a multi-pronged approach for marketing and branding the state as an ESDM destination. Our marketing is centred on concrete strengths of the state, including availability of a large industrial land bank, single-desk facilitation, 24×7 power, best-in-class policies and skilled manpower.

Additionally, visits by state government delegations to various countries and forums are being leveraged to gain media traction, and there is focus on our outreach programmes with electronics industry leaders. Separately, we also work with trade journals such as Electronics Bazaar, and participate in various exhibitions, conduct targeted road shows and investor activation campaigns.

Q. What are the outreach activities taken up by the state to ensure effective communication with ESDM ecosystem partners, including industry and academia?
A. The primary outreach activities fall into the following categories:
1. Periodic meetings and interaction with investors and those in the industry for addressing their needs
2. Targeted outreach campaigns to activate a broader investor ecosystem
3. One-to-one outreach to specific investment targets. This is the mainstay of our approach to attract marquee investors to the state

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Additionally, with the formation of Andrha Pradesh Electronics and IT Agency, which is dedicated to promoting the electronics and IT industries, we will be able to reach out to existing and prospective investors in a more focused way.

Q. What initiatives has Andhra Pradesh government taken to facilitate the growth of the strategic electronics segment, besides announcing Aerospace and Defence Manufacturing Policy 2015-20? How does your government plan to roll out different initiatives related to this?
A. Andhra Pradesh is one of the first states to proactively come out with an attractive aerospace and defence manufacturing policy. The state is already home to strategic electronics facilities run by Bharat Electronics Ltd, including its new Defence Systems Integration Complex, which is coming up in Anantapur district.
We plan to levera

ge these facilities to develop the necessary ecosystem to manufacture electronic components and build a supplier ecosystem in collaboration with small- and medium-size enterprises, which will invigorate the strategic electronics segment in the state.
We are now very keen on leveraging the interest of global aerospace and defence majors in setting up manufacturing facilities in the state. These initiatives, we believe, will help develop and foster the strategic electronics segment in the state.

Q. What are the plans for skills enhancement in this sector, with special focus on micro, small and medium enterprises?
A. We have formed two societies, Society for Innovation and Society for Electronics and IT, which will work with educational institutes to upgrade the curriculum and ensure that students are industry-ready. We have also set up Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corp., which, in partnership with the industry, will work towards developing a significant base of skilled workers ready for industrial absorption. We will focus on setting up skill development centres at major industrial parks and clusters to facilitate continuous upgradation of skills.

Q. What is your message to the ESDM ecosystem partners?
A. Andhra Pradesh is poised for tremendous growth, and our journey has begun. The electronics industry is an important growth engine for Andhra Pradesh. The state has the second longest coastline in the country, and we are developing world-class ports to leverage this strategic advantage.

Our vast industrial land bank, 24×7 quality power supply, best-in-class policy instruments, conducive business environment, availability of water for industries, abundant talent pool, along with the state’s focus on promoting innovation and future technologies, makes it one of the best investment destinations for the ESDM sector.

I am personally committed to positioning Andhra Pradesh on the electronics manufacturing world map, and I welcome ESDM industry leaders to make the state their business hub.



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