Saturday, August 13, 2022

Quality Assurance Of Pulse Load Power Supply

By Oleg Negreba (Head of R&D, AEDON, LLC)

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First, this feature allows to avoid using large capacitance accumulators for power supply of the load during the complete power consumption pulse, retaining the minimum capacitance to ensure the required quality of voltage during the transition process in the front and rise of load pulse.

Second, due to the fact that the mode of nominal power of the converter corresponds to its max efficiency, thermal losses of the complete power supply system are minimized.

Third, in case of using these units for power supply of AESA transceivers, who’s typical off duty factor of pulse is usually less then 5, the comfortable thermal mode of the unit itself is supported.

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An important advantage of a PSU with fast voltage feedback will be galvanically isolated differential synchronization input. This will allow to sync the frequency of several simultaneously operating units and ensure reliable hardware and software filtration of electromagnetic interference of converters. High conversion frequency does not only positively impact the weight and dimensions of the units, but allows to isolate in different ranges the operating frequency area of the equipment of AESA transceivers and unit’s switching noise.

When making a selection of a power supply unit with fast voltage feedback small dimensions must be considered as well as the ability to operate within as wide case temperature range as possible, which sometimes can reach -60 to +125°С. Other important functions may include remote on/off, a set of protections from overcurrent, short circuit, and overvoltage, as well as output voltage fault monitoring. Polymer potting sealing ensures strong protection from harsh environments and excludes damage of the units caused by vibration, dirt, moisture or salt mist.

The products described in this document are designed for building pulse load power supply systems based on modular units and allow to implement compact decentralized power supply systems without using significant capacitance power accumulators.


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