5G: 4G Update Or A New Technology?

K. Pradhyumna Kumar is an electronics enthusiast


With these and other 5G technologies, engineers hope to build the wireless network that future smartphone users, virtual reality gamers and autonomous cars will rely on every day. Already, researchers and companies have set high expectations for 5G by promising ultra-low latency and record-breaking data speeds for consumers. If they can solve the remaining challenges, and figure out how to make all the systems work together, ultra-fast 5G service could reach consumers in the next five years.

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) requires highly confidential, reliable and totally secured connectivity. Experts feel that 5G provides the perfect platform for the IIoT.

To conclude

There is a lot more happening in the 5G networks space. While 6G and 7G future generations are already under research in some parts of Europe and Japan, 5G is creating a lot of hype, and developers are striving to make the most of it.



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