How to Assess Electromagnetic Radiation from Mobile Phone Towers

By Dr Rajiv Kumar Singh


Accuracy of results depends on the model used and on the exactness of description of transmitting antennae. Influence of reflections is ignored in the calculations that may degrade the accuracy. For very accurate results, a detailed and precise description of the radiating antenna and the exposure environment is required.


There is a strong perception related to the existence of a high level of EM radiation in the vicinity of telecom towers, which may cause adverse biological effects. So, it is about time an exhaustive assessment of radiation levels and their possible health effects is made, and guidelines for safety are laid down accordingly. If EM radiation levels in any area accessible to humans are higher than the prescribed limits, it is strongly recommended to take necessary action to reduce the radiation levels.

Dr Rajiv Kumar Singh holds a PhD in electronics engineering from IIT (BHU), Varanasi, and is currently employed with Institute of Engineering & Technology, Lucknow as assistant professor. He has received senior research fellowship of UGC at Centre of Advanced Study at IIT, Varanasi. His interests include wired and wireless technologies for high-speed Internet access



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