SMARC 2.0 Brings In Flexible Processors, Modular Design & Passive Cooling – Lets You Cool Without Fins

By Christian Eder, Director of Marketing, congatec AG

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Although version 2.0 is intended to replace the older version 1.1 standard, it is far from being a replacement for other formats. The SMARC 2.0 standard represents an important part of the COM product offering, complementing the Qseven and COM Express standards. It has been developed to meet a growing need for high performance graphically rich devices in small, low power and passively cooled formats. No other COM specification offers quite the same mix of performance and interface options. This puts SMARC 2.0 in exactly the right position for modern applications in the IoT.

Its ability to accommodate the industry’s widest range of processor architectures means it will stay at the forefront of performance, while its modular design ensures OEMs will be able to easily upgrade performance as new processors become available, thereby extending the product lifecycle for end applications.




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