Virtual Reality now moving Towards Real-Life Scenarios

By Saurabh Durgapal


Looking purely at graphics processing, AMD Radeon RX480 remains the most cost-effective solution for VR experiences. It manages to generate about 62fps, whereas the alternative Nvidia’s GTX 1080 generates about 59fps. Looks like a long way to go for processors to hit the ideal 90fps mark!

The oxymoron goes on

Rumours or not, VR is a major focus area for manufacturers going ahead. Its popularity is evident from an experience I had last week. While travelling, I heard a knock on my car window. Thinking it would be another hawker selling stuff I did not need, I brushed him off. When the vehicle moved, the rear-view mirror showed a person holding three to four VR headset boxes. Those might have been knockoffs, but the idea that VR has reached the streets is heartening.

Saurabh Durgapal is working as technology journalist at EFY


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