Sunday, May 26, 2024

“If there’s a threat to Android – it’s fragmentation caused due to rapid proliferation”

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What kind of fresher training do you provide?
We look for the brightest talents (not necessarily from IITs or NITs only). What we look at is how strong their fundamentals are. We don’t expect people to know everything from the get go, but the important thing is that their attitude be good and they be willing to learn. Secondly, we see how they work in a team, can they mesh well with a team and foster in the industry environment. Finally, the communication skills of the individual is taken into account.

Do you train the freshers in-house?
We have certain training programs in-house which are far superior to those of other IDHs because we have in-house projects and real projects. We have industry production tools available in-house, we have highly experienced engineers and leaders available to guide them. We put them through class room and lab training and real projects before we deem them to be ready for taking on real-time client projects.

You talked about your system being the Inverted pyramid type. Is it because the training is very strenuous?
We want to change the inverted pyramid because there are only so many laterals available in the industry. With the current demand we are seeing, we are hiring exclusive trainers who have industry experience and a passion for training. Our aim is to get 20-40 individuals per quarter trained in different domains ranging from front-end chip design, android to physical design. The ground reality is the demand is more than 5 times the supply, hence the inverted pyramid system is an obsolete concept.


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