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Video DIY: Arduino All-in-One Robot

In this video, the presenter will be building All-in-One Robot using an Arduino Development Board. To download Source Code: click here Courtesy: DIY Builder

DIY: Arduino Metal Detector Robot

In this tutorial, the presenter is going to show you how to make a Metal Detector Robot using an Arduino development board. Courtesy: DIY Builder

Arduino Based Liquid Vending Machine

This is an automatic liquid vending machine based on radio-frequency identification (RFID) system. A fixed amount of liquid can be dispensed by swiping an...

Arduino-Controlled Namaste Greeting Robot

The concept of controlling various servo motors through Arduino Uno board is introduced here with a fun project called ‘namaste Greeting robot.’ The robot...

Arduino-Based Shadow Alarm

Shadow alarms are usually used for protection against theft. A shadow alarm is a device that sounds an alarm when a shadow falls on...
Arduino Piggyback on Raspberry Pi

Arduino Piggyback on Raspberry Pi

Arduino is a perfect mindless slave. Give it a job and it performs the task endlessly without defaulting even for a nano second. On...
lights controller

Arduino Based Fancy Lights Controller

Assemble yourself a portable, four-channel multi-mode light controller using an Arduino Uno board and very few external components. The fancy lights controller described here is...

Arduino Nano Based Car Security & Automatic Wiper System

This project addresses the automatic wiper and car security system for a car. Apart from that, it takes care of the security in terms...
Fig. 1: Circuit diagram of the LED flasher using Arduino

Flash Twenty LEDs Using Arduino

Presented here is the circuit that drives twenty LEDs in a random manner. LED flashers and sequencers are used in decorative lights to give...

Make A Digital Distance Meter With Arduino

This is a very simple digital distance meter, which you can add to your water-level indicator circuit to show water level in a tank,...

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