Awesome Arduino Projects for Engineers and Beginners

Are you looking for some cool ideas for Arduino projects? We’ve got you covered! Here, we have a list of exciting and unique project ideas that you can explore with Arduino. These projects cover a wide range of applications, such as automating your home, creating smart gardening systems, building robots, designing IoT devices, and even making wearable technology.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced maker, these Arduino projects provide a great opportunity to learn programming, electronics, and problem-solving skills.

Previously we covered the 45+ mini-projects. This time let’s explore specifically Arduino projects.

So, let your imagination run wild and bring your ideas to life with these Arduino projects!

So let us check out these cool Arduino projects below:

1. Automated Washroom Light Using IR Sensors

Arduino based Automated Washroom Light Using IR Sensors

This project is based on Arduino Uno and IR sensors and is used to automatically switch on and switch off a washroom’s light that works on AC mains. Whenever a person enters the washroom, the light bulb (or tube light) will automatically turn on. When the person leaves the bathroom, the light will turn off.

You can check the step-by-step guide to make this project here: Arduino-based Automated Washroom Light Using IR Sensors

2. Joystick-Controlled Industrial Automation System

Block diagram of the joystick-controlled industrial automation system

This project can control up to four industrial electrical appliances with the help of a joystick and an Arduino Nano board.

This Arduino project is available at Make This Joystick-Controlled Industrial Automation System

3. Arduino Based Real-Time Digital Clock With Temperature Display

Arduino based Digital Clock

This project demonstrates how to build a real-time clock (RTC) with a temperature display using Arduino, DS3231 RTC chip, and SSD1306 OLED display (128×64 pixel).

Check the step-by-step guide to make this DIY Arduino clock: Arduino-Based Real-Time Clock With Temperature Display

4. Smart GPS Tracker Using Arduino

Arduino based GPS Tracker

In this project, we build a smart tracker that can keep track of a child. Besides this, the device can also be used to track your vehicle location and other objects.

You can find all the details related to this project here: Arduino-based GPS Tracker

5. Flash Twenty LEDs Using Arduino

Circuit diagram of the LED flasher using Arduino

Presented here is the circuit that drives twenty LEDs in a random manner. This flasher has a chip that controls the random flashing rate of the LEDs.

Complete Circuit connection is available here: Flash Twenty LEDs Using Arduino

6. Alarm Clock Radio Using Arduino

DIY Arduino Alarm Clock

This project describes how to make an alarm clock radio in Arduino. The main feature of this project is that it will display the date and time and will Alarm at the desired time and it has a radio function too.

Here you can check the complete project details: Alarm Clock with Radio Using Arduino

7. Arduino-Based Wireless Frequency Meter

Arduino-Based Wireless Frequency Meter

This project describes an Arduino-based wireless frequency meter designed to measure the frequency of sinusoidal AC signals in the range of 50Hz to 3kHz.

This project is available at: Make An Arduino-Based Wireless Frequency Meter

8. Arduino-Based Window Alarm Annunciator

Arduino based Window Alarm Annunciator

Presented here is a window alarm annunciator based on an Arduino Uno board. An annunciator is mainly used in process plants, power plants, and industries to monitor various plant conditions to alert operators about abnormal conditions or parameter deviations.

Make this Arduino Uno-Based Window Alarm Annunciator

9. Noise Detector with Automatic Recording System

Introducing a Noise Detector System with an automatic recording feature! Tackle noise pollution in offices, libraries, and classrooms. This device alerts you to loud noises, records them, and can be a game-changer for productivity.

This project is available at Noise Detector with Automatic Recording System Using Arduino With IoT

10. Temperature-Based Fan Speed Control and Monitoring Using Arduino

Circuit diagram of the temperature-based fan speed control using Arduino

This project is an automatic fan speed control and monitoring that controls the speed of an electric fan according to the requirements using Arduino.

This project is available at Temperature Based Fan Speed Control And Monitoring Using Arduino

11. ESP8266 Wireless Web Server

This ESP8266-based wireless web server project is built around an Arduino.

ESP8266 Wireless Web Server

ESP8266 contains a built-in 32-bit low-power CPU, ROM, and RAM. It is a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi network solution that can carry software applications as a stand-alone device or connected with a microcontroller (MCU).

This project is available at ESP8266 wireless web server

12. Digital IC Tester With Embedded Truth Table

Arduino based digital IC tester

This article represents an Arduino-based digital IC tester that is highly capable, highly reliable as well as cost-effective. Here, we develop a program with different functions for checking different ICs.

This project is available at Digital IC tester with the embedded truth table

13. Arduino Based RF Controlled Robot

Arduino Based RF Controlled Robot

Here we present a simple Arduino-based RF-controlled robot that can be driven remotely. This robot can be built very quickly on a small budget. The RF remote control provides the advantage of a good controlling range (up to 100 meters with proper antennae) besides being omnidirectional.

This project is available at Arduino based RF controlled robot

14. Fancy Lights Controller

Fancy lights controller using Arduino

The fancy lights controller described here is built around the Arduino (an Open Source single-board microcontroller) platform that can be purchased in pre-assembled hardware form. The circuit is nothing but a portable four-channel, multi-mode digital light controller, realized using very few external components. Four LEDs are made to glow in different sequences and patterns, controlled from the Arduino board.

This project is available at Fancy Lights controller

15. PC-based Oscilloscope

Here we describe how you can make your own oscilloscope at a very low cost using your PC and an Arduino board as the hardware for signal acquisition. You can use this oscilloscope to capture frequency signals up to 5kHz. The Arduino board, the heart of the oscilloscope, reads the values from its inbuilt analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and pushes these to the PC via a USB port.

The project is available at PC-based oscilloscope

16. Humidity & Temperature Monitoring

Humidity and Temperature Monitoring using Arduino

The IoT using Arduino microcontroller (MCU) is easy and fun for those who are new to the field. Presented here is humidity and temperature monitoring using Arduino. In this article, humidity and temperature information from the DHT-11 Humidity and Temperature sensor is analyzed graphically on the ThingSpeak platform using Arduino MCU and ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.

This project is available at Humidity & temperature monitoring

17. Fingerprint Sensor

Arduino based Fingerprint door unlock system

Once you have all this electronic stuff around, you can’t let just about anybody into your workshop. This Fingerprint door lock helps you keep unwanted people away from your workshop. If you want some engineer to access the workshop, you can add his credentials to the database and he would also have access.

This project is available at Fingerprint Lock

18. Automated Plant Watering System

Automatic Plant Watering System

This project is a simple and exciting plant watering system that you can build yourself in just a few hours. With efficient use of a moisture sensor and downloadable component layouts and source code, this could fit in perfectly for potted plants, be it on your terrace or the balcony, or the front lawn. It works everywhere.

You can check the step-by-step guide to make an Automatic Plant Watering System

19. Earthquake Sensor

circuit diagram of the earthquake indicator

In this project, we will be constructing an earthquake indicator. A highly sensitive ADXL335 accelerometer is presented that can indicate vibrations.

If the motion is violent enough during an earthquake and crosses a certain threshold, a local alarm light (LED) glows, a buzzer sounds and a relay energizes. With certain modifications, this can be turned into a knock-and-shake detector for ATMs, vehicles, or door-break alarms as well.

Build your own Earthquake Detector Project

20. GPS Clock

GPS clock using Arduino

Here we describe a GPS clock based on Arduino Uno R3—an AVR ATmega328-based microcontroller board with six analog input pins and 14 digital input/output (I/O) pins.

This project is available at GPS Clock Using Arduino

21. Home Automation Using an Android Device

Arduino based Home Automation Circuit

This project is based on Interfacing an Android application to an Arduino Uno board using Bluetooth. The result is a home automation system with minimal electronic basic components without complex soldering and a simple and flexible design.

This project is available at Home Automation Using Arduino Through Android Device

22. Inverter Circuit

How much does an inverter cost? A basic with a single battery costs about 20-25K INR. How about you just go about buying the battery and use this next Arduino project for your inverter?

You can make your own DIY Inverter.

23. Build A Clap and Gesture-Controlled Robot

Circuit diagram of the gesture and Clap controlled Robot receiver unit

This is a two-in-one project to control a robot in four directions (forwards, backward, right, and left) either by clapping or through simple gestures. It explains how a robot can be controlled using sound or gesture.

This project is available at Gesture-Controlled Robot

24. DC Motor Starter Using Arduino Uno Board

Circuit diagram of DC motor starter using Arduino Uno

Here we describe an electronic DC motor starter using an Arduino Uno board. This circuit controls both soft-start and soft-stop timings through pulse-width modulation (PWM).

This project is available at DC Motor Starter Using Arduino Uno Board

25. Home Automation Arduino Projects

Circuit diagram of home automation system using Arduino

This project is based on the Android app and Arduino Uno using Bluetooth as the wireless communication medium. It is a simple and flexible home automation system with only a few electronic components, without complex soldering. This project is designed to control three appliances but can be extended to six or more using an Android Phone.

This project is available at Home Automation Using Arduino Through Android Device

26. IoT-Based Smart Camera Using Android And Raspberry Pi

Presented here is a project that lets your Raspberry Pi (RPi) turn into an IoT-based smart camera and then control and watch the live video being captured by this camera on your smartphone from anywhere on the planet.

This project is available at IoT-Based Smart Camera Using Android And Raspberry Pi

The list of interesting Arduino projects ends here…..But!

If you are still looking for unique electronics project ideas, then you can check the interesting DIY Projects.