Wednesday, March 22, 2023

What to look for in LED bulbs

Paromik Chakraborty is a technical journalist at EFY

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According to Vinay Mahendru, director, Eon Electric, “It is essential for the customer to check for BIS certification while purchasing an LED bulb to be sure about the product quality.” BIS certification for a product is awarded by the Bureau of Indian Standards as a guarantee of its safety, quality and reliability.

About the average price of an LED bulb, Mahendru confirmed, “In the Indian market, a 9W LED bulb costs around 150 to the end users.”

The final advice

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LED bulbs are costlier than conventional bulbs and return on investment depends completely on their extent of use. Bulbs installed in offices run for nine to ten hours every day or even longer, ensuring full utilisation of the bulbs and a consequent return on the investment made. If you want to install LED bulbs in your home or temporary office, anticipate first the extent of LED bulb use.





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