Sunday, September 24, 2023

SmartSoft: The Framework For Robotic Systems

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Model-driven software development

SmartMDSD Toolchain aims at providing a well-laid path from code-driven designs towards model-driven systems. The strict component based approach of SmartSoft separates middleware aspects from algorithmic solutions, paving the way for reuse and composability of software building blocks. Developers claim that special focus is put on service-oriented architectures for service robotics on top of quality of QoS middleware.

Set up from scratch, or do it the easy way

The initial setup is straightforward—unpack and install VM package, followed by SmartSoft MDSD Toolchain. The team has put together tutorials that guide you right from taking the first step to running a pioneer 3DX robot. Another shows how to deploy a simple joystick navigation to RobotinoXT. They have also provided a collection of SmartSoft components that can be downloaded and used right away. Look for the component store at this link. Sourceforge also hosts an adaptive communication environment (ACE) based implementation for Windows and Linux.

Priya Ravindran is M.Sc (electronics) from VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. She loves to explore new avenues and is passionate about writing.

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