EDWinXP is rich in features and the added features in each revised version are incorporated from the customers’ feedback and suggestions. The key features are:

Front and back annotate. Designs can be captured in Schematic Capture or Layout Editor. The design created using Layout Editor is back annotated to the Schematic Editor and the one created using Schematic Editor is front annotated to the Layout Editor.

Microcontroller kit. It comes with a microcontroller kit that mimics the functionality of 8051, AVR, PIC and Motorola microcontrollers. Moreover, editing and compilation of programs in C and Assembly languages and debugging the code in real time is possible. The kit also contains series of models like memory, 7-segment displays, series/parallel pattern generators and interrupt generators for generating parallel and serial data patterns and asynchronous hardware interrupts.

B_3Filter designer. EDWinXP offers automated filter designing where you can choose the filter type, enter the output frequency and quality range, and the program calculates the parameters and generates schematic. This can be imported to PCB layout format.

Autoplacing and autorouting. Autoplacing of components in the schematic layout is possible with Schematic Editor. The autoplacing parameters and design rules can be set by the customer. Autorouter can be executed in PCB layout with default parameters or user-defined parameters using Arizona Autorouter in EDWinXP.

Analysers. Another feature is the different types of analysers that help a user check the integrity and correctness of layout design. The electromagnetic analysers—field analyser and signal integrity analyser—are used to inspect electromagnetic effect on the board, and thermal analyser lets you examine the thermal hotspots on the board.


And much more! EDWinXP has option to get a 3D view of the component packages. VHDL Editor lets you automate project creation from VHDL source. With the project version control you can keep track of the changes made to the projects. The entire design details are stored in an integrated database that can be accessed simultaneously by the Schematic Editor, Layout Editor, Simulators and Fabrication Manager. This program offers backward compatibility to older DOS-based design files. VHDL/Truth Table to diagram converter, 3D IDF file viewer, Filter Designer, ODB++ export and import are some of the other modules available on EDWinXP.

Different types of licensing
The evaluation version of EDWinXP provided in the DVD comes with all the features of EDWinXP with 14-day licence, after which it can be activated directly from Visionics website www.visionics.a.se or through their distributors. Upgrades can be made to Non Commercial, Commercial and Small Biz versions of EDWinXP Schematic, Standard, Deluxe or Professional packages.

Online technical support for the product and for creating libraries is available at  or  Besides, Visionics offers live chat for customers with the support desk, thereby ensuring quick response and solution to design issues. Service pack updates containing additional features and bug fixes are posted on the website. The site also provides discussion forums on the product, newsletters and elaborate tutorials, training projects and demos in document and/or video formats.

Download latest version of the software: click here

The author is a technical correspondent at EFY


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