Friday, July 19, 2024

JOB: Application Engineer – Optics At ARK Infosolutions In Bengaluru

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Location: Bengaluru

Company: ARK Infosolutions

In this role, you’ll use your engineering knowledge, to explore ANSYS OPTICS tools, technical support, learning, and development within the ACE team. You will be a part of our positive, dynamic team of enthusiastic and passionate engineers striving to deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers, advancing your knowledge, experience, and impact on the success of our customers and the Ansys ARK Team.

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Key Duties And Responsibilities

  • Apply engineering expertise and knowledge of simulation techniques to develop knowledge data related to Ansys Lumerical products.
  • Identify gaps in existing knowledge and work with multiple subject matter experts to fill these gaps.

Minimum Education/Certification Requirements And Experience

Required education and degree type: Bachelor’s degree in electronics engineering or Master’s degree in electronics engineering or project experience with optics, photonics, etc. related field.

Required: 1-3 years of professional experience

M.Tech. (Optics)

Experience in an engineering software Demonstrated use of relevant Ansys Optics (Lumerical Tools such as Ansys Lumerical charge, Ansys Lumerical DGTD, Ansys lumerical EME, Ansys lumerical FDE, Ansys Lumerical FDTD, Ansys lumerical FEEM, Ansys lumerical HEAT, Ansys lumerical scripting, Var FDTD, INTERCONNECT )

The candidate should have strong interpersonal and communication skills, fluent in writing and speaking English.

Knowledge of the fundamentals of Optics, waveguides, lenses, rays, etc.


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